Marketing: Expectation vs. Reality

Marketing is a complicated aspect of business. Behind the college courses and beautifully designed how-to books is a profession that encompasses many other genres and practices. With everything that goes into marketing, it is truly a form of art in and of itself.

But this isn’t how it’s presented in schools. Marketing is taught as some sort of cold, analytical procedure that involves sitting behind a screen for eight or more hours each day, comparing key words for the most optimized search engines and maxing out Facebook and Google ad campaigns.

This has created a generation of marketing professionals that are very good at the analytics of their jobs but lack an understanding of the nuances of human nature. They can perfectly build a canvas but don’t have the skills to paint an image of beauty. Continue reading Marketing: Expectation vs. Reality

Risk Taking and Creativity

Who hasn’t daydreamed at about quitting their 9-5 job and jet setting on a fulfilling adventure? Be it a life-changing volunteer trip in South America, writing the next great American novel, or developing a must-have app, fear holds us back from achieving our dreams. The fear of failure, ridicule, and monetary loss prevents us from embracing our creative spirits and keeps us sticking to the status quo. The good news is that risk taking is easier than you may think. Continue reading Risk Taking and Creativity

The Importance of Building Your Own Channels

In sports, the home team usually has the advantage. They know the nuances of their turf better than the opposing team; they are comfortable playing and have their own routine to follow; the fans in the seats are overwhelmingly on their side and will do whatever it takes to throw the other team off their game. The home team has the advantage.

Facebook is not your home turf. Neither is TikTok, LinkedIn, or Medium. These are important tools that every business should be utilizing, but when you begin to rely too heavily on any of them, you set yourself up for disaster. Instead of relying on these artificial turfs, it’s better to keep the battleground in-house and build your own stadium. Continue reading The Importance of Building Your Own Channels

The Man in the Arena

It’s an easy thing to sit in our chairs and watch other people leave their marks on the world. The envy that we feel towards someone who is living the life we wish we could live is a common part of life, and eventually we become numb to it. It’s the man and woman of action that will ultimately step outside of their comfort zones while the rest of the world sits back and watches. Continue reading The Man in the Arena

Giving Away Time

Modern society tells us that a busy schedule equals a happy life. While we understandably hold tight to money, we freely give away our time, and end each day wondering where it all went. Once you realize this, you will begin to notice where you spend your time wisely and where you unknowingly give it away. Continue reading Giving Away Time

Solitude and Work

Great ambitions require serious work. However, it’s so easy to become distracted from work. With such distractions, it seems impossible to give work 100% of our attention. Great creative minds have struggled with this for millennia, and it seems there is a solution: Solitude. Continue reading Solitude and Work

What the Class of 2020 Needs to Hear

After over a decade of economic growth, you, the class of 2020, will be leaving school and entering into the workforce during a recession. As the unemployment rate skyrockets amid the Covid-19 epidemic, many students set to graduate next month will likely be spending a lot more time at home than they hoped for.

Here is what the class of 2020 can do to optimize their time in quarantine. Continue reading What the Class of 2020 Needs to Hear

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