Why You Should Learn a Magic Trick

Magic tricks aren’t hard to learn.

There are thousands of tricks published between books and YouTube that are very easy to perform, even by someone who has never thought of himself as a magician. A quick Google search for “easy magic tricks” will turn up plenty of these results.

If you take the time to learn one quick magic trick and practice it enough to be able to show it to your friends, you will see why so many people (myself included) have chosen to make magic a central part of our lives.

The feeling of showing a magic trick to a child is really something that can’t be described. The look of amazement on their face is unmatched by any teen or adult. In similar ways, showing a magic trick to an elderly person achieves the same reaction.

Magic can be great to show to your coworkers as well. It works as a nice ice breaker in the office or at social gatherings. I use it all the time when I go to business networking events around Boston.

Learning a magic trick takes only a few minutes; practicing may only take a few days; but the payoff of knowing a simple card or coin trick will follow you for years to come.

You can take a look at my YouTube channel for tutorials for some of my favorite easy magic tricks. Click here.

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