Using Wasted Time

The average American spends about 48 minutes commuting to and from work each day. That’s roughly 4 hours each week.

How do you spend this time? Listening to music? Worrying about what you have to get done once you reach your destination, whether it be work or home?

We all may do a little better to take a lesson from the Stoics.

They would use a few minutes each day to reflect on their virtues and vices; how to promote the former and avoid the latter.

Each morning, they would meditate on the type of person they want to be that day; the idea man or woman. This would give them a north star to follow as the events of the day unfold.

During your morning commute, what would happen if you spent just 10 minutes reflecting on this? How would that carry you through for the rest of the day?

This type of reflection worked for the Stoics, and we really aren’t that different.

Just 10 minutes from your morning commute can set the tone for the rest of they day and lead to creative breakthroughs at the most unassuming of times.

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