The Scarcity of Initiative

When it comes to taking initiative, one major roadblock is the supposed lack of resources. We use this as an excuse to hold off on taking initiative. These resources could be time, or money, or support from friends, or any number of things.

But when you think about it, there are SO many cheap and easy resources available to us today. Want to publish a book? Before you had to play courtier to the major publishing houses; now, you can just use Amazon self-publishing. Becoming a writer is even easier; just start a blog with one of the many free or nearly-free websites available.

Want to have your own talk show? Take your smartphone, record something, and upload it to YouTube. Do that four or five nights a week, and you’ll gather a nice little audience. Want to be a comedian, magician, musician, etc. but need a larger audience? Post your work to Instagram and Tik-Tok. It’ll costs no money and very little time, yet will pay dividends in returns.

We want to cry over not having the resources necessary to be creatives, whether it be in art or in business. This excuse is a scapegoat for the real issue that our pride doesn’t want us to face: The real scarcity in this world isn’t resources, it initiative itself.

Taking initiative is much harder than imagining the reward. Initiative brings the possibility of failure and humiliation, which is why it is so unappealing. But if you find yourself not wanting to take initiative, chances are you were more attracted to the title than the actual thing.

Those who take initiative have the advantage. In the globalized world of business, where everyone is competing against one another, those who consistently take initiative on new ideas are the ones who gain attention. With attention comes promotions, raises, funding, and fame.

Traditionally, those who took control of scarce resources had a drastic advantage over the rest. When you take control of initiative, you too will have an advantage.

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