The Magician Onstage

A magician on stage has the attention of everyone in the audience. Every trick, every illusion, is met with applause. The seats are filled, and the show is spectacular.

But when the magician leaves the stage, he is in danger of leaving the minds of his audience. They will soon forget about him. He will then have to struggle to gain their attention all over again. It’s an unforgiving cycle.

This is why the magician works to create an aura of mystery. We’re fascinated by what we can’t understand, and the magician knows this more than anyone. He uses this fascination to keep himself in the minds of his audience for months — even years — after a performance.

A magic show might only last for 90 minutes, but the impact could last for a lifetime, permanently securing the magician’s reputation. Through the proper advertising and social media use, the magician can make sure he remains relevant in his audience’s minds, even if he never walks on stage again.

With creative thinking on stage and online, a magician can create miracles that far exceed card tricks. Creative across all disciplines have done this for millennia. They find ways to promote their work that is unorthodox and draws immediate and undivided attention.

In the business world, no one seems to do this better than marketers. They find ways to draw attention to their companies and products that attempt to break through the noise of Facebook and LinkedIn and convert those users into sales. That is a kind of magic that is almost more mystifying than the magician.

Take a lesson from magicians. Learn how to bring an air of mystery to your public work. As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage.” Just as a magician creates wonder on stage to amplify his work, so can you in the world to amplify your work.

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