Learning Through Doing

For years, my mother and grandfather took my brother and I on yearly ski trips to Maine. During these trips, I would end up skiing alone with my grandfather for most of the day.

He was a much more advance skier then me (by several decades), and would be absent-minded as to which trails he went down with me following.

Some of these trails were tough; some of them were far harder than anything I should have been skiing. These black diamond and double-black diamonds were reserved for experts only, and he would push me down them without realizing I didn’t have the skill.

But it was on these tails that I learned how to ski them. I fell down a few times, but eventually became comfortable skiing trails marked “For experts only.” Had I stayed on the green circle trails, I would have never learned these skills.

Learning anything new requires going down that black diamond that you’re afraid of. When you get pushed outside of your comfort zone, you began to learn what your comfort zone couldn’t previously teach.

We’re naturally afraid of jumping head-first down a double-diamond trail, and for good reason; being unprepared can lead to trouble. But trouble is rarely as significant as we imagine it to be, and sometimes jumping first and learning to ski on the way down is the fastest way to learn something new.

As the new year approaches, I will be jumping head-first into a weekly newsletter. This letter will include blog posts, magic tricks, videos, etc. If you would like to watch my shaky progress down this new slope, please feel free to sign up on my website.

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