It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

To live is to make mistakes. Running scared from any situation that could lead to a mistake is to run scared from life.

My first magic show was a train wreck; my first college course almost ended in a failing grade; my first blog post was awful. Mistakes are part of life, and part of the creative process.

You may think a mistake is disastrous now, but looking back at past mistakes, you can see clearly that they have been valuable lessons. Instead of beating ourselves up over mistakes, we should be thankful to have the wisdom to turn those mistakes into lessons.

As the writer William George Jordan once wrote “An oyster never makes a mistake—it has not the mind that would permit it to forsake an instinct.”

The path of creativity is paved with mistakes. The greatest minds and strategists have racked up numerous mistakes in their lives. You can’t create something great without a foundation built on lessons from mistakes.

In business, mistakes can be scary. The devil on your shoulder whispers “What will my colleagues think? How will my manager react? My reputation will take a hit.” But, most of the time, your career will still be there in the wake of a mistake, and the initial fear will have been for nothing.

Mistakes are part of the creative process, whether it be in art or in business. They are part of human nature. Accepting this and moving ahead regardless of potential errors is to be thankful for having the brain to make mistakes in the first place.

The same brain that leads to mistakes will also turn them into lessons, and those lessons into something amazing.

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