Don’t Overload Your Mind

Creativity requires thinking, and thinking requires silence.

The brain can’t concentrate on two things at once. It’s just impossible. You’ve probably found this out the hard way like me; scrolling through Instagram during class didn’t help me learn anything.

When our minds are constantly bombarded with noise, it’s hard to hear our own thoughts. It’s through these thoughts that original ideas come from.

Silence is the key to creative thinking, and it’s something that the business world is severely lacking today. Professionals climbing the corporate ladder pride themselves in always being available for work-related texts and emails. By doing so, they believe that it is helping to advance their careers. but what if it’s actually inhibiting them from being most effective?

The typical view of silence is a lack of sound. In reality, it is the absence of human-created stimuli, such as reading, talking, playing games, and watching TV.

Constantly consuming information, while it will make us smarter, won’t give us time to think creatively and digest any of the information we have taken in. If all we do is listen to other people’s ideas, we have no time to think of our own. Even unnecessarily talking disrupts our silence.

By giving our brains a chance to rest from all this noise on a daily basis, we open our minds up to the creative potential that we all have. A little bit of silence every day can be even more helpful to someone’s career than being available 24/7 for every single email.

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